Artist FAQ

  1. 1. Why should an artist use ViaStage?

ViaStage is the easiest way for artists to advertise their live shows. Artists can quickly post live shows directly to the internet with ViaStage.

Artists can network with other artists. Fans can subscribe to artists and receive V-notes directly from artists they like.

Also, ViaStage is free for artists to use!

  1. 2. Who can be an artist in ViaStage?

An artist can be almost anyone that helps make a show happen: Actor, Choreographer, Circus Artist, Comedian, Composer, Dancer, Director, Improvisor, Musician, Playwrite, Representative, Song Writer or Writer.

  1. 3. How much does ViaStage cost?

ViaStage will always be free for artists to use!

  1. 4. How do I get started on ViaStage?

Go to Artist Signup and submit the form. We have a 3 step verification process.

  1. 5. How do I post shows on ViaStage?

When you sign in with your artist login and password, you’ll be taken to a page that guides you step-by-step. It’s really fast and easy.

  1. 6. What cities does ViaStage cover?

ViaStage will cover every U.S. city and eventually international cities. That means tourists can take ViaStage with them wherever they go, so they can easily find your shows when they’re visiting your city.

  1. 7. What if I’m performing at a venue that is not in the ViaStage database?

You can email us at with your request for a temporary listing for that venue.

  1. 8. If I have additional questions or issues, how can I contact ViaStage?

You can email us at and someone will respond within 24 hours.