Venue FAQ

1. How is ViaStage better than other event-finding sites?

ViaStage is easier for the public to understand and use, anytime and anywhere.
ViaStage does not discriminate or pick “winners” (we don’t post reviews or sell news articles).
Events can get posted onto social networking sites.
ViaStage lets the vendor control their event information, and publish directly to the public. Your events will appear exactly as you publish them (see content guidelines).
You can publish pictures and/or videos along with your event descriptions.
ViaStage is open to small and large venues (no one has an advantage).

2. What kind of events can venues post on ViaStage?

Live events that perform on stage: plays, concerts, comedy acts, dance shows and circus shows.

3. What cities does ViaStage cover?

ViaStage will cover every U.S. city and eventually international cities. That means tourists can take ViaStage with them wherever they go, so they can easily find your events when they‘re visiting your city.

4. How do I post my events on ViaStage?

When you sign in with your login and password, you’ll be taken to a page that guides you step-by-step. It’s really easy.

5. Why should I have to pay a yearly subscription fee to post my events on ViaStage?

ViaStage is not using your events to sell news articles. Your events are the main attraction. ViaStage allows you to advertise and promote your events better than any other site.
A fee also prevents abusers from posting fake events, which makes everyone look bad.

6. How many events can I post on ViaStage?

ViaStage does not place a limit on your events. Post as many events as you like during your subscription period.

7. How do I subscribe to ViaStage?

Go to Venue Enrollment and follow the simple instructions.

8. Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and ViaStage will refund a pro-rated amount to you, based on unused months remaining in your subscription term.

9. If I have additional questions or issues, how can I contact ViaStage?

You can email us at, and someone will respond within 24 hours.